New Chinese brands: Ugreen - a thousand useful little things

This article will focus on the products of one of the most popular AliExpress brands - Ugreen. More developed company

started in 2009, the first goods becameA variety of USB cables. Later, in 2010, Ugreen began collaborating with Tmall, the largest B2C (business-to-consumer) online shopping platform that runs only large brands. In 2018, sales reached 2 billion units per year. The company owns a factory and a hostel for employees, is focused on the international market, has more than 60 representative offices around the world, including offline. Ugreen has its own download center, which publishes user manuals, drivers and other software that will simplify interaction with the device.

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1. USB hub with Type-C connector

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One of the company's best-selling products. Supports Power Delivery (charging via USB-C connector). Due to its functionality, the accessory is very specific, not all devices are supported, there are also natural problems, for example, heating, an obstacle to the WI-FI signal when using Ethernet with Power Delivery, methods for solving them can be found in the product description. Available in 6 variations, the youngest is provided with a choice between a plastic and metal case, contains 4 USB 3.0 ports. The most functional consists of 9 ports: HDMI, VGA, RJ45 (Ethernet), SD, TF, 3 x USB 3.0, USB-C (for Power Delivery). Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10 / Note 9 / S9 to work in Dex mode.

Price: from $ 13 to $ 45. Want to buy!

There is a similar, portable version (from $ 28).

2. Ring-stand for smartphone

As planned, will allow you to hold the devicemore confidently, reaching with one hand to the top of the screen will cease to be an inconvenience. Made of metal, folded thickness 3 mm. The design allows you to scroll the ring, the ring itself is displayed 180 degrees and can serve as a desktop stand for a smartphone.

Price: $ 3. Want to buy!

3. Car smartphone holder

Holds due to the weight of the device itself,made of aluminum alloy. Installation horizontally is not permissible, but can be rotated 360 degrees. The design allows you to extend / insert the smartphone with one hand. The thickness of the device should be at least 3 mm, diagonal from 4.7 to 6.5 inches. There is a cutout for the charging cable.

Price: from $ 9. Want to buy!

4. USB hub with Ethernet connector

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A simple USB hub is compatible with Xiaomi Mi Box andNintendo Switch. It has three USB 3.0 ports and gigabit Ethernet, there is a USB 2.0 version with 100 Mbps Ethernet. Additional power can be supplied via DC cable. Supports connecting a single hard drive.

Price: from $ 13. Want to buy!

5. Wireless Charger

This charge is made in the form of a tablet mat, on both sides it has an anti-slip coating, it is powered through the microUSB port. Power up to 10 W, 6 mm thick case included.

Price: from $ 12. Want to buy!

By the way, if your smartphone does not support wireless charging, Baseus has a sticker-receiver ($ 5) that solves this problem.

6. Ugreen CM338 Wireless TWS Headphones

Wireless in-ear headphonesbluetooth 5.0. The case comes with a capacity of 480 mAh; the head itself has a 30 mAh battery. The charge should be enough for 3 hours of listening, with a case - 18 hours. Part of the head is touch, it allows you to switch tracks, answer a call, call a voice assistant, pause playback. Notifies you of the status in English.

Price: $ 23. Want to buy!

7. Case for SSD M.2 with USB-C

Compact minimalistic case for NVMe / NGFFmemory. It supports memory slats of type 2230/2242/2260/2280, the volume of up to 2 terabytes. For installation there is no need to use a screwdriver, special fixators are included. Good heat dissipation, metal alloy housing. There are 3 modifications available, the younger under NGFF SATA memory with microUSB 3.0 output, bandwidth up to 5 Gb / s, the oldest under NVMe memory with USB-C 3.1 output, bandwidth up to 10 Gb / s.

Price: from $ 16. Want to buy!

8. Blootooth 5.0 aptX receiver with RCA outputs

Wired devicespeakers or headphones via Bluetooth. Plays Hi-Fi sound through the use of Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX. The audio player is connected via two RCA-connectors, or through the standard AUX 3.5 mm. It is powered via a microUSB port, a 1 meter cable is included in the package. A cheaper version with Bluetooth 4.1 is available.

Price: from $ 14. Want to buy!

9. Hub with KVM switch

Sometimes you have to use two computers andone set of keyboard with mouse, this simple gadget will simplify the interaction. A KVM switch is a device designed to connect one set of devices (keyboard, video, mouse “keyboard, video, mouse”) between several computers. In fact, this is a dual USB hub, at the touch of a button it allows you to switch between connected systems. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 active indicators, a switch button, microUSB port for additional power. A USB 2.0 version is also available - it costs less.

Price: from $ 16. Want to buy!

10. Smartphone clip for car dashboard

Suitable for smartphones with a diagonal of 3.5 to 6.5 inches, total 6 positions available. It has an anti-slip coating, mounted on the rim of the dashboard or on the peak from the sun. Two variations are available that differ in surface texture.

Price: $ 9. Want to buy!

11. USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter

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Most modern laptops have long been devoid ofRJ45 (Ethernet) connector. This simple adapter allows you to connect wired Internet via the USB port of a laptop that is deprived of this feature. Bandwidth up to 1000 megabits. Two body versions are available: aluminum, ABS plastic. And two color options for the case: black and white.

Price: from $ 12. Want to buy!

There is also a version with a Type-C connector.

12. Wall mount for smartphone

Practical smartphone platform, mountswall sticker, designed to save work space. It is made of ABS plastic and has an anti-slip coating. It is possible to wind an extra cable.

Price: $ 4. Want to buy!

13. Braid organizer for wires

The organizer is made in the form of a spiral with a diameter of 25 mm. A special clothespin is included in the scope of delivery, which simplifies the organization of cables at the workplace.

Price: from $ 5. Want to buy!

14. Splitter for USB-C port

More and more manufacturers of wearable devicesstop using the 3.5 connector and leave only one - universal USB-C. This device is designed to solve this misunderstanding, it allows you to simultaneously listen to music on the analog connector and charge the device (performance is not with all smartphones - the older models of Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones are exactly supported), the maximum charging current is 1.5 A. Three modifications are available: with a curved plug, direct and in one piece.

Price: $ 5. Want to buy!

15. Cable with magnetic connector.

Separated magnetic cablemount. You can choose the type of head: microUSB or USB-C. Cable length 1 meter. The connector has an LED indicator. The head is flattened, its thickness is 6 mm. Supports data transfer rates up to 480 megabits (USB 2.0)

Price: from $ 4. Want to buy!

16. Tie for wires in the form of a tape

Another type of wire organizer, in the form ofVelcro tapes. An alternative to cable ties. The width of the tape is 15 millimeters, available in rolls from 0.5 to 5 meters, which can be cut into fragments of suitable length.

Price: from $ 1. Want to buy!

17. Adapter from USB-C to microUSB

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Another useful accessory deciding onesimple task. This is an adapter that allows you to use a cable with a microUSB connector with smartphones with a USB-C jack. Supports data transfer, bandwidth 480 megabits (USB 2.0). Three variations are available: plastic, aluminum and an aluminum version with a short lace and carabiner (pictured).

Price: from $ 2. Want to buy!