New coronavirus found in British bats

The authors of the new work researchers excrement samples from 50 bats in Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wales.

and then carried out their viral analysis. As a result, it turned out that a new coronavirus was found in one bat. It was named RHGB01.

According to the researchers, this is the first timewhen sarbekovirus - a coronavirus associated with atypical pneumonia, which includes SARS-CoV-2 - was found in the Lesser Horseshoe Bone. In addition, this is the first time such a find has been made in the UK. Similar viruses have been found in other horseshoe bat species in China, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.

Scientists have suggested that these bats are alreadyhave long been carriers of the virus. He was not found because the necessary tests were not carried out. So far, this virus is not dangerous to humans and does not infect them. But it is possible that in the future it will mutate and become infectious.

This UK virus poses no threat toin humans, because the receptor binding domain (RBD) - the part of the virus that attaches to host cells to infect them - is incompatible with the possibility of infecting human cells.

Andrew Cunningham, Professor of the Zoological Society of London

But the professor noted that there is a possibility of crossing the RhGB01 and SARS-CoV-2 viruses. Then RhGB01 can become dangerous to humans.

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