New details about Project A - “CS: GO with Heroes” from the creators of League of Legends

At the end of 2019, Riot Games dumped a bunch of announcements on gamers, among which the “lit up” and competitive

shooter Project A. Developments kept the main details, but Henry Greer, a professional commentator on CS: GO, played a new project and shared his impressions on Twitter.

What is known

According to the pioneer, Project A is tacticalshooter with fights 5 × 5, which is more reminiscent of CS: GO, but with classes and abilities in Overwatch and Apex Legends. The commentator was allowed to play the explosion and defense mode of the target, which lasts 12 rounds. According to the classic, every six rounds the sides change.

Greer noted that abilities in Project A are less important than in the mentioned Overwatch and Apex Legends. Most skills are bought at the start of the game along with weapons and for one resource.

In addition, the firearm in Project A is the same.deadly, as in CS: GO, as the fighter dies from a shot in the head. Moreover, weapons are not tied to classes. So players will have to rely more on bullets than on the abilities of their hero.

Of the pluses, the commentator noted the design of the cards, in which the gameplay stands above the aesthetics that the developers spied on CS: GO.

“Project A is the best game I've played since CS: GO,” Greer added.

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