New details about Project A: Riot Games first shooter - more Counter-Strike than Overwatch

In mid-October, Riot Games celebrated a decade by announcing a dozen new projects, among which

“Project A” shooter “lit up”. Judging by the first frames, gamers thought that they were waiting for the next Overwatch heir, but the developers were preparing something else.

What is known

PC Games N chatted with CEORiot Nicolo Laurent, after learning more about Project A. According to the head of the company, the players are waiting for a “very deadly” and tactical shooter.

“Project A is a tactical shooter. It is very deadly and very tactful. You will have very limited windows for using abilities, ”said Laurent.

Nicolo clarified that Riot decided not to includeProject A into the League of legends universe, as the characters in the game are not suitable for a shooter. The same Malfit and Timo have different hitboxes, which is not suitable for a tactical shooter, where players must be on an equal footing. Therefore, characters with unique abilities will appear in the game, but these will be new heroes.

“We understood that pushing champions League ofLegends in a shooter would be pointless. This is a tactical shooter, so everyone should have the same hitbox and the same weapon, ”the CEO added.