New Diablo 4 competitor: first Magic: Legends gameplay - Magic: The Gathering action RPG

Cryptic Studios announced Magic: Legends back in December 2019 at The Game Awards. Now, the developers shared the first

a trailer with a demonstration of the gameplay. Unfortunately, the video lasts 49 seconds, in which Cryptic only fit the bright moments from the battles.

What showed

In the story, the player will be in the rolethe hero of the planeswalker, who is entrusted with saving the Multiverse from ancient evil. There will be five classes to choose from, but so far the developers have revealed only the Mage of Reason and Geomancer. The first fights with spells and telekinesis, and the second relies on the strength of the earth and prefers close combat.

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There are no details about the progression system, butIt is known that players will collect decks of 12 cards, of which only four can be used at a time. The description on the site says that players will be able to find new spells, as well as fragments for amplification.

Magic: Legends does not have an exact release date, but the developers plan to release the game in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In addition, the official website has opened accepting applications for beta testing.

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