New drug kills malaria without side effects

Researchers from McMaster University in Canada and the University of Hamburg in Germany have found the substance

PDE-I2, which neutralizes Plasmodium malaria.Unlike other substances, it is non-toxic to humans. Scientists hope that their finding will help create new antimalarial drugs. Details were published in the journal Cell Chemical Biology.

Biochemistry professor Gary Wright and colleague TimGilberger scanned soil bacteria and found a substance in their extract that could slow the spread of Plasmodium malaria. The PDE-I2 compound fights the parasite, just like the already existing duocormycin-based substances. But the new substance neutralizes malaria pathogens without harming humans. Duocarmycin, on the other hand, destroys both infected and healthy cells. The study showed that PDE-I2 damages the DNA structure of the plasmodium and disrupts the process of division.

Global Warming and Viruses: How High Temperatures "Resurrect" Dangerous Diseases

According to WHO, for 2019 malariamore than two hundred million people became infected, while about 400 thousand died. According to the authors of the study, the reason for this is climate change, which leads to the spread of malaria mosquitoes in ever more distant regions.

Humanity is developing a medicineagainst malaria for 80 years. There are now several anti-malarial drugs, the most effective of which is artemisinin. But if they start treating malaria everywhere, the parasites can develop resistance to it. There is also the only vaccine against malaria - RTS, S. In severe cases, its effectiveness is maximum 58%.

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