New five-year plan: Sega will spend about $ 1 billion to create a "super game"

SegaSammy, Sega's parent company, has released a fresh annual report. You can find a lot of interesting things in it.

information about future projects of the game developer.

So, for example, thanks to the document it becameit is known that Sega wants to invest a huge amount in its new "super game" - about $ 1 billion. More specifically, we are talking about the amount of 100 billion yen (882 million dollars), which the company will spend over the next five years.

At the moment it is not clear what exactly the "super game" will be like. The report only mentions such words as "global", "online" and "community".

At the same time, 100 billion yen can be spent not only directly on development, but also on the purchase of companies necessary for the implementation of the project.

Source: NME