New hero Apex Legends killed on the air: Respawn says goodbye to the Forge and is looking for a replacement

Respawn Entertainment released a new trailer, introducing another Apex Legends fighter and killing him right there.

What a twist

Last week, the developers told the firstdetails about the fourth season of the game, bringing down a few words about the new legend - Kuzna. According to the developers, the character is especially dangerous in close combat, as it will receive a metal arm for the prosthetics.

Following Respawn, they released an animated movie,revealing a little background of the character. Judging by a short interview, the Forge spent a lot of effort to become a new legend and enter the royal battle. Yet happiness did not last long ...

The developers killed a new character without even having timeintroduce him to the game. It is possible that the Forge survived, and his killer named Revenant (or Risen) will become the second legend of the season. Previously, developers released one fighter per season, but perhaps they decided to break the tradition.

Nevertheless, on the official website, developers are alreadyKuznya was buried, adding to the description of the hero: "He did not know defeats (except for one)." It looks like Revenant will be the only new fighter in the fourth season of Apex Legends called "Assimilation", which starts on February 4.

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