New Huami Watch Outperforms Apple Watch

Huami is a subsidiary of Xiaomi, which produces wearable accessories, including

Mi Band line, which has a hugepopularity all over the world. It should be noted that most of the Chinese manufacturer’s products were inspired by Apple, including smartphones, headphones, smart home items, etc. The new watch from Huami is no exception. This is a direct hint at the Apple Watch, and in some ways it will even surpass the Apple accessory.

On the Weibo social network today there wasThere is widespread information that the new Huami smartwatch will have a display with performance that will be better than that of the Apple Watch. In particular, the density will reach 341 ppi, which is higher than the Apple Watch Series 4.

Interestingly, the vice president of Huami Qi Fundi himselfbelieves that the Apple Watch is undoubtedly the benchmark for smart watches. However, he claims that this time the new Huami watch is superior to the Apple Watch. He says: PPI Apple Watch is 326, the new Huami watch has reached 341 PPI. He also claims that this pixel density of future watches is close to the pixel density limit of an AMOLED screen.

Regarding the release date of the new watch, Qi Fundisaid, "Let's see what happens on August 20." It would be nice if Huami came up with its own design for the new smart watch. Indeed, the current design of future smart watches Huami is too similar to the Apple Watch.