New “humpbacked” case for Apple iPhone 11 made x-ray

A week ago, Apple released branded Smart Battery Case covers for the new iPhone 11‌, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. IFixit Specialists

became interested in the new product and decided to do an “autopsy”, moreover, in a rather unusual way.

What have learned

So, I didn’t even have to take it apart to study the case - the iFixit specialists had enough of an ordinary X-ray machine and a couple of pictures from it.

The main innovation of the new Smart Battery Case isA button on the side that activates the smartphone’s camera. And on the gadget itself there is no such button. As shown by x-rays, the button is connected to a separate microcircuit using two long thin loops. And the board is already sending a signal to the Lightning port, which is responsible for communicating with the smartphone.

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Also inside the case are two small batteries and a wireless charging coil, which allows you to charge the smartphone when it is in the case.

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Recall, cases for the new iPhone 11 cost $ 129. They are already on sale.