New instrument cuts surgery time in half for cataract patients

Specialists of the first ophthalmological department of the Sverdlovsk Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 (SOKB

No. 1) noticed that during the operationBecause of retinal detachment, silicone oil is used, which sometimes causes clouding of the lens. In such cases, operations are performed to remove cataracts and oil through a puncture.

In addition, being in the eye cavity, the siliconethe oil undergoes emulsification or the formation of many microscopic droplets that are difficult to remove through a puncture; such particles do not affect vision, but cause discomfort.

Specialists of the first ophthalmological departmentSverdlovsk Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 patented a microsurgical instrument or cannula for removing silicone oil from the vitreous cavity of the eye, which made it possible to halve the operation time for patients with cataracts after treatment of retinal detachment.

the message of the press service of the regional ministry of health.

Now ophthalmologists in a number of operations literallyan opening is cut out in the posterior capsule of the lens, through which silicone oil is aspirated using a cannula developed by us. By increasing the lumen of the hole, this method reduces the duration of the operation at least two times.

They also conducted an experiment and compared the effectiveness of the new method. It turned out that after the operation with the second method, fewer emulsified particles were found in the eye cavity.

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