New iPhone for the first time will receive support for the stylus Apple Pencil

Citi Research analysts predict the emergence of an unexpected feature in the new iPhone, which is borrowed

on iPad tablets.


This is the support of Apple Pencil brand pen. Prior to that, he worked only with tablets, so for now we are doubtful about such a forecast.

Recall, Apple Pencil was released in 2015. Now there are two versions: one is compatible with the new iPad Pro, the other with other models, including the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

What else

Also in Citi Research they talk about three models.iPhone 2019 They are credited with more capacious batteries, a triple main camera in the older models and a dual one in the successor of the iPhone XR. Front-facing cameras should be 10 megapixel, and the main sensors of the main cameras should be 14 MP.

New models should be released in September. It is expected that the successor of the iPhone XS Max will cost from $ 1099, and the iPhone XS - $ 999. New with a dual camera, which will replace the iPhone XR, will cost $ 749.