New iPhone SE 3 will be Apple's latest LCD smartphone

The network again has information about the upcoming cheaper iPhone SE 3. It is reported that it will receive a design like the iPhone

XR, Touch ID and LCD Screen Discuss

At the same time, Apple will no longer install such screens in its future smartphones. In addition to the above, the iPhone SE 3 will have an A15 Bionic processor and support for 5G.

It is worth noting that the design rumors for the nextiPhone SE‌ have been controversial. Some insiders have said that the device will have a 6.1-inch display like the iPhone‌ XR, as well as Touch ID. Others have argued that the third-generation iPhone SE will have the same design as the current model.

There is information that the ‌iPhone SE‌ 3 will be released in the spring of 2022 at a price of $ 399.

Source: Macrumors