New iPhones will receive 5G modules from Qualcomm and Samsung

Apple, according to some experts, is considering the possibility of receiving 5G modems from Samsung for

their new iPhone.This is due to the fact that there were lawsuits over patent disputes between the Cupertino team and the chipmaker and Qualcomm. And only recently the companies seemed to come to an agreement among themselves and stopped all proceedings. But who knows what will happen tomorrow, you always need to have a backup plan. In addition, Intel made a statement that the company’s interest in producing its own 5G modules has disappeared. But it was Intel that was supposed to supply modems for the fifth generation of cellular networks for Apple devices. And this news is far from a coincidence; there is no doubt that gadgets from the Cupertino company will contain Qualcomm modules.

Samsung on the pickup

One of the Korean analysts MingChi Kuo said that Apple will use not only Qualcomm chips, the company will also negotiate with Samsung, and there are a number of reasons for this.

  • In the contract with two suppliers at once (morejust not yet), you can achieve more favorable conditions with each of them. Reduce selling prices, thereby minimizing their costs. This is the first reason.
  • The second is the presence of more than one supplier;a large guarantee of force majeure, when the supplier breaks all the deadlines and the company incurs losses (which happened more than once). And sales of the iPhone require speed, it's like hot cakes, before it gets cold.
  • Third, there is a possibility that Apple will splitmarkets, and some of them will supply smartphones with modems from a specific supplier. The fact is that different countries will deploy their 5G networks in different ways, for someone mmWave, for others sub-6GHz and so on. For the first, most likely, smartphones with Qualcomm modules will fit, for other networks - modems from Samsung.

Also, do not throw back the situation whenThe introduction of another innovation provokes an avalanche demand for the iPhone. And the emergence of support for 5G cellular networks can easily become this trigger. And you need to be ready for this.

According to analysts, a new generation of iPhoneIt can be released in an amount of about two hundred million copies, which roughly agrees with the forecasts for the current year, but there were problems with price tags, and without any significant technological breakthroughs. There will also be sold 70 million upcoming models coming out this fall. In general, installing a 5G modem will, at a minimum, raise the wave of iPhone sales to previous heights, and if someone from the vendors does not cope, you can always transfer volumes to another.

In the role of a follower

It is worth noting that I am the fifth generation of networksthe American company is too late, and will act from the position of a catch-up. Many leading manufacturers already have ready-made smartphones that support 5G, others have announced the development of smartphones with this technology. Even the Korean giant Samsung has created the S10 5G. Therefore, it is no longer possible to risk Apple so that there are no delays, no overlaps on the launch of the launch of a new generation of iPhone with 5G support. And the Korean company may well act as a reliable buffer.

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