New issues with OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro, which was very cool at first glance, turned out to be quite problematic. And to be honest, there's no way we

expected this from a Chinese manufacturer,which may have rushed the launch of the flagship. The smartphone has already had several problems, including complaints about the main camera and phantom clicks on the display. An update has been released for the phone that resolves some bugs and also improves performance. But there is no positive response from users. On the contrary, there were new indignations and complaints about strange noise in the speakers.


For several days in a row, Android forumsare full of new negative reviews about OnePlus 7 Pro. This time, owners of the new product report high noise coming from the speakers while talking on the phone. Not one, but several users faced a similar situation at once. One of them calls the noise «electrical» and claims that a similar bug was previously recorded on OnePlus 3T. Then a fresh OS update helped solve the error.

The problem is precisely connected with the OnePlus 7 Pro, andnot cellular operators. One of the users also reports that he hears a high noise not only during a conversation, but also in standby mode. As a solution to the problem, he tried to remove the SIM card, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and the location function, but this did not give Nika results. Even in flight mode, noise is heard. When exactly this error will be fixed is not yet known.

But the company OnePlus 7 has already proposed a solutionbug with phantom taps on the screen. Besides the recent OxygenOS 9.5.4 update for OnePlus 7 Pro eliminated the sound delay when using Bluetooth buttons, the double-tap and wake-up gesture, as well as the ambient light display settings, the update also contributed to a significant improvement in camera performance, improving HDR, exposure in low light and white balance correction. The following incremental update can also solve problems with incomprehensible clicks on the screen, but if you want to solve this problem right now, the manufacturer suggests that you disable NFC on the switch panel.

Another situation that turned out to be relevantfor owners of OnePlus 7 Pro — These are negative reviews about battery life. It turned out that the phone turned out to be worse in this parameter than we expected. The OnePlus 7 Pro performs on par with other phones that have Quad HD display resolution and larger batteries.