New jailbreak tweak adds 3D effects to app switching

The app switcher is one of the main benefits of iOS that puts everything together recently

Used and open applications. It underwent minor visual changes in iOS 10, but the creators of the new 3DSwitcher 2 jailbreak tweak went a lot further, adding an interesting visual effect to the application switching.

As the name implies, the new tweak adds a number of 3D effects that can be used to switch between applications on iOS 9 and iOS 10.

Original app switcher in iOS 10It is made in two-dimensional form, and the tweak changes its representation to three-dimensional. The types of 3D effects you can use to choose from range from scrolling to presenting the switch as a card table.

After installing 3DSwitcher 2, you should startwork with the choice of preferences in a special panel in the settings, where you need to note the three-dimensional effects that will be applied to the application switcher. Immediately after making the settings, the desired 3D effects are activated without the need to reboot the device. This advantage is convenient to use for a quick visual assessment of all 3D effects and choosing the one you like.

In addition to choosing the desired three-dimensional effect, inThe preferences panel offers options for turning on and off the tweak, as well as setting the attenuation, scaling, or scrolling of application icons when switching.

If you are bored with the standard view of the switchapplications on iOS 9 or iOS 10, you can change it to a more attractive one using 3DSwitcher 2. Tweak meets expectations and works without interruption.

3DSwitcher 2 is available in the Cydia BigBoss repository for $ 1.99. Owners of the previous version of the tweak called 3DSwitcher update will cost only $ 0.99.