New laser can measure vibration of molecules

Almost 100 years ago, it turned out that microscopic matter has wave properties. For

For decades, more and more precise experiments have tried to measure the vibrating properties of, for example, electrons.

In molecules, the vibration of atomic nuclei is obvious:it can be observed in the internal vibrations of each other's atomic nuclei. Such vibrations are caused by electrons in molecules that create bonds between nuclei, for example, nuclear vibrations occur in every molecular gas under normal conditions.

To very accurately investigate the vibration characteristics of nuclides, you need an exact way of changing and knowing how strong the bond is in a particular molecule.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to make accurate theoretical predictions about the bond between molecules. Therefore, it is impossible to accurately investigate vibrations. This can only be done with simple molecules.

The authors dedicated their work to exactly thismolecule, namely the molecular hydrogen ion HD +. It consists of a proton (p) and a deuteron nuclide (d). They are linked together by one electron. The relative simplicity of this molecule means that extremely accurate theoretical calculations can be made with it.

Last year, a team led by a professorSchiller developed a new spectroscopic method for studying the rotation of molecular ions. The authors used terahertz radiation with a wavelength of about 0.2 mm.

In a new study, scientists were able to show thatthe same approach works for the excitation of molecular vibrations. To do this, they had to develop a laser with a special frequency, which is unique in its properties.

Together with the new laser, this method has extendedspectroscopy has 10 thousand times more powerful resolution than previous methods. Ultimately, it turned out that the prediction of quantum theory regarding the behavior of the atomic nuclei of the proton and deuteron is consistent with experiment with a relative error of three per 100 billion parts.

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