New lithium metal battery stores energy at a record 560 Wh / kg

The density of the new lithium-metal battery is 560 Wh / kg, which is twice that of modern

lithium batteries. In addition, the new batteries retain 88% capacity even after thousands of charge and discharge cycles.

Lithium metal batteries have a highenergy storage density, but are often unstable. As the battery charges and discharges, small cracks appear in the battery, into which electrolyte penetrates, exacerbating the destruction.

In the new work, the authors were looking for such a combinationmaterials of electrodes with electrolyte, which would not cause damage to the battery and loss of capacity. As a result, the researchers used a special layered structure of the cathode of a lithium metal battery with a low cobalt content.

In fact, the material of the new cathode containedunusually high nickel content (NCM88). Also, instead of the traditional LP30 electrolyte based on organic compounds, a non-volatile and non-flammable liquid electrolyte with two anions (ILE) was taken.

The combination of NCM88 cathode and ILE electrolyte met all the requirements: the authors obtained a record energy storage density and wear resistance.

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