New major oil spill in the Komi Republic

On May 11, 2021, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Komi Republic reported the discovery of a rainbow film in the Kolva River. She is

flows 130 kilometers from the city of Usinsk.Its population is about 40 thousand people. It is reported that an emergency regime has already been introduced in the Usinsk urban district. The oil spill was also taken under control by the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation. Two days later, on May 13, residents of the village of Kolva noticed black ice on the river. It is noted that there is a persistent smell of oil products in the air.

“The main cause of accidents on oil pipelines iscorrosion of metal due to operation over the standard period. Companies underinvest in their infrastructure hundreds of billions of rubles, which increases the net profit of far from poor companies, says Vladimir Chuprov, project director of the Russian branch of Greenpeace. - The best way to solve the problem of oil spills is to phase out the use of oil as a source of energy. This is what climate scientists are demanding to save the climate. That is why Greenpeace, together with other organizations, proposed concrete steps for the country's transition to green technologies within the framework of the Green Deal ”.

The Green Deal is a long-term development program for Russia designed to help manage climate and environmental crises.

Greenpeace also published satellite images of the oil spill in the Komi Republic.

photo © Greenpeace

As a reminder, earlier, in October 2020, there was an oil spill at the Kharyaginskoye field in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Oil got into the Kolva River in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the city of Usinsk in the Komi Republic.
Rosprirodnadzor filed two claims to the Komi Arbitration Court to recover from LUKOIL-Komi more than RUB 19 million in damages following the oil spill on the Kolva River.

The spill also occurred in December last year. Then, in the Komi Republic, another breakthrough occurred on the pipeline of the Yareganeft enterprise, which belongs to the Lukoil company.

Also, back in 2008, Komi ranks first in the Northwest in terms of air pollution, and in terms of waste generation - fourth in the region.

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