New metalinz transcends the human eye and could become the future of optical technology

Scientists have created a lens that not only helps to see better, but is also able to make a breakthrough in the field of

optical equipment.

What is known

Researchers from the School of Engineering and AppliedJohn A. Paulson Sciences at Harvard University created a lens based on artificial muscle technology. The new metalinz works on the principle of the human eye and can focus on objects in real time. In addition, the lens is able to correct astigmatism and image shift, which prevent a person from clearly seeing the world around him. And in size it is smaller than classic lenses.

Metalins surpasses the "classic brother" and inconstruction plan. Thanks to nanoparticles, the lens can focus light, capturing the spectrum visible to humans. At the same time, classic lenses use several elements to achieve this effect.

This is the second version of metalware. The first samples were too small to use technology in areas other than medicine. Now, the researchers managed to create a metal oxide, which is one centimeter more. The more, the better, because then the technology can be applied, for example, in cameras. The lens should be large enough to cover the sensors and not create a vignetting effect.

Iron products will not reach consumer electronics soon, but today scientists are already evaluating the potential of the technology. In addition to cameras, such lenses are useful for augmented and virtual reality.