New military aid package: Britain will give Ukraine 120 anti-aircraft guns and anti-drone equipment

Today, November 19, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited Kyiv. And he came

not empty-handed.

What to expect

At a joint meeting with the President of Ukraine VolodymyrZelensky press conference Sunak announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine. According to Sky News, its cost is 50 million pounds.

This package will include funds to strengthenUkrainian air defense. These are 120 special anti-aircraft guns and anti-drone equipment to counter the Iranian drones that Russia uses to attack cities, including dozens of radars and electronic warfare equipment against drones.

In addition, Britain is expanding educationalprograms for the Ukrainian military and will train military medics and military engineers, as well as provide special winter equipment for the military and humanitarian aid totaling £16m.

"Today I arrived to say thatThe UK will continue to provide assistance until Ukraine achieves the peace and security it needs and deserves,” Rishi Sunak stressed.