New Motorola Razr Not Received SIM Card Slot

The long-awaited Motorola Razr clamshell, judging by what was shown at the presentation, promises to be a little more

more practical than their older brothers from the Koreanand Chinese companies that have already started. The new product will have several features that many did not know about, focusing only on the flexible screen and folding form factor. However, it demonstrates something that no manufacturer has dared to do.

Special features

So, regarding the form factor and OLED display, everything isI know, but the fact that Razr will not receive a SIM card slot has passed by many users. The clamshell supports only eSIM. How does this relate to the fact that in many countries such smartphones simply will not be able to work, since local operators do not support this feature. In the Russian Federation, for example, there is nothing besides declarations and tests, eSIM do not let law enforcement agencies enter the mass market. Because it threatens national security. There is no physical SIM slot, this is a bold step, and Razr will be the first mobile device in the world to work with non-alternative eSIM. By the way, what is this weird with eSIM?

In fact, this is the same SIM card, but notinserted into the slot, but built-in, that is, instead of the usual SIM, eSIM is an already integrated chip on which information can be changed. That is, to connect to any operator, you do not have to buy a SIM card, all data will be downloaded to your phone remotely, or through a wire on special equipment. At the same time, information from several operators can be entered into the chip (it is not yet known how much is possible), and purely programmatically switch between these virtual SIM cards. Changing, when necessary, your phone number.

What are the benefits of eSIM

Firstly, it’s saving spacein a smartphone, now this module is not needed, but it occupied a decent place, the modern chip has meager sizes, and practically does not take up space. Secondly, the slot is an extra hole that reduces the protection of the smartphone from moisture and dust. Apple Watch also does not use a traditional SIM, but only eSIM, but this wearable device is a watch. In smartphones from Apple, eSIM is adjacent to the traditional card. But you can connect to modern operators in any country.

Razr got a case thickness of only 6.9 millimeters (each half), so saving space due to this aging module is a logical move. Of course, this narrows the audience, but in the future, all countries will begin to switch to integrated SIM cards, and will abandon physical media, so the future is right. At the moment, operators in 45 countries support eSIM, as already mentioned, our country is not in this list.

True, eSIM also has drawbacks, and the main onesthey were created by the operators themselves - a lock for working with other companies. If it is not difficult to replace a regular SIM card from any operator, and you already have a different service provider, this does not work with eSIM, the operators block them for six months or longer. The user cannot use the services of another operator at this time, unless he is buying a second smartphone. But this is not a problem of technology, it is the policy of the local telecom operators. There is another drawback, this is a less wide range of LTE, there is no support for 1214, which means it will catch very weak somewhere.

Less for Russia - Razr in our countryIt is useless, even if one of the Russian citizens buys it, he will not be able to use it on our territory, since the technology is not supported by any operator. Of course, there are Tele2 test zones, but they cannot be deployed, because it is forbidden.

In fact, this time Motorola just turned the bar, that is, the first start with only new technologies, the next Razr iterations will have a module for physical sims, as well as 5G modems.