New mountains did not grow on Earth for a billion years due to the emergence of two supercontinents

In order to learn more about the processes that took place during the evolution of the Earth, scientists have compiled

the first detailed map of how the thickness of the earth's crust changed throughout the history of the planet.

To do this, they studied about 14 thousand.zircons are crystals of refractory rocks that arise at very high temperatures in the deep layers of the crust, and by the content of europium and other rare earth elements in them, they determined the thickness of the earth's crust at times

The birth of Nuna and Rodinia resulted in an unevendistribution of heat on the planet - the hottest thing was under the continent, in other areas there was a cooling and tectonic shifts stopped, and, consequently, the emergence of mountains.

This happened since the primary ocean of the Earthlost the main source of phosphorus, molybdenum, as well as other trace elements, critical for the existence of photosynthetic microbes and other representatives of ancient life.

Due to the fact that the oxygen level in the atmosphere dropped to almost zero, evolution was temporarily suspended.

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