New renderings of iPhone 11 Max and 360 degree video

The network has new detailed 5K-renders and even 360-degree video with the iPhone 11 Max


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On renderings, the iPhone 11 Max has three main cameras, and only this distinguishes it from the current model. In front, the smartphone looks the same: it has thin frames and a notch on the screen for Face ID sensors.

iPhone 11 Max will be 8.1 mm thick, i.e. A bit thicker than the 7.7 mm of the current iPhone XS Max. Most likely, this is due to a more powerful battery. The iPhone 11 Max will support reverse wireless charging, so that makes sense. This means that it will be possible to charge accessories from a smartphone.

Like the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Max will haveAn updated volume mute button, more like an iPads button. At the bottom is the Lightning connector, not USB-C. Apparently, the back of the iPhone 11 Max will be completely covered with glass, including the camera. The iPhone X / XS has a notch for the camera.

The iPhone 11 Max will be the big version of the iPhone 11. The biggest change will be the triple main camera and tempered glass panel. Most likely, the iPhone 11 will be released in new color options.