New rumors about the iPhone 8: 64GB / 256GB internal memory, 3GB RAM

TrendForce analysts have prepared the latest report, which outlined a number of key assumptions related to

the expectations put into the new iPhone 8.

The focus of the report is oftenthe screen under discussion is the new flagship, which is likely to have a 5.8-inch OLED panel. Previously, there were rumors that the device boasts a curved display, but the above report refutes them.

Other key details contained in the report are the amount of internal memory and RAM.

According to TrendForce report, iPhone 8 mayget 3GB of RAM. As much is available in the iPhone 7 Plus, and the same amount is expected to get the upcoming iPhone 7s Plus with a 5.5-inch screen.

The authors of the report suggest that the release of the iPhone8 Apple will completely abandon devices with 32GB of internal memory. Therefore, the iPhone 8 will be released in two versions - 64GB and 256GB. This could lead Apple away from a three-model system used by the company for a long time.

The publication also states that the versionsiPhone 7s will also have different amounts of internal memory up to a maximum value of 256GB, however, assumptions about the remaining differences are not indicated.

A statement that Apple may release an iPhone8 only in two versions, suggests that the minimum price is $ 999 or even more. In this case, a 256GB iPhone 8 can cost, for example, $ 1100.

In general, rumors indicate a large number of usefulinnovations that will demonstrate the iPhone 8. If Apple adheres to the specified cost, but adds all of the above features, will you get a new smartphone?