New Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless headphones in the photo

The number of leaks regarding the Korean company Samsung is rapidly increasing. Daily on the Internet

photos of future smartphones are published, newdetails and more. We couldn't ignore one of the leaks, which concerns the launch of new wireless headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds. You can already see them in the photo below.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Wireless headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds, ratherIn total, they will be announced along with the new Galaxy S10 line at the end of February. Until now, almost nothing has been heard about the accessory, but now, on the eve of the presentation, even a photo of it has appeared on the Internet.

If you remember, earlier we wrote that the newGalaxy S10 smartphone will get the function of reverse wireless charging, similar to Huawei. That is, you can charge other phones using the Korean flagship: you just need to put it on the back of the case, and thus the phone will take energy from the Galaxy S10.

If Huawei has many people think this functionuseless, then Samsung has already found a use for it. The new Samsung Galaxy Bud headphones will support wireless reverse charging. Naturally, this solution looks more functional than that of its competitor (Samsung supports fast charging at 9 W, Huawei supports 3 W).

At the moment this is all information. I think that very soon in a couple of weeks we will be able to discuss this gadget in more detail. Also, we remind you, if you do not follow the news, driven by the latest rumors, the new Galaxy S10 will receive 10 megapixel selfie camera and an additional depth sensor.