New Samsung Galaxy S10 disassembled for parts

Maintainability of smartphones — This is another significant indicator that you should pay attention to when

buying a new phone.Many people forget about this, and then face large expenses for repairs. There are more cunning ones who can independently replace the same display, battery, etc. Today we will, of course, talk about the new Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, which were gutted by the guys from the iFixit service center. Here's what we managed to find out…

Repair Galaxy S10 by yourself

The guys from iFixit traditionally do disassemblyThe new Galaxy, that figure out all the nuances of repair and evaluate the components inside. For smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10, they have prepared a large photo gallery. For the Plus version they shot a separate video.

I must say that the process of disassembling smartphones onindividual components turned out to be not so simple. This occupation requires special attention, the availability of specialized tools and a lot of knowledge in order not to accidentally turn the phone into a brick or cause irreparable damage.

During the dismantling of new products managed to find outseveral facts. In particular, it should be understood that the ultrasound fingerprint scanner is attached to the screen. Therefore, in the event of damage, a complete replacement of the display will be required. And vice versa. Breaking the screen entails replacing the fingerprint scanner. These are two interrelated components.

Some other accessories aremodular, that is, they can be replaced independently of each other. But the charging port is now soldered to the main board. In principle, it is possible to replace the battery, but it is rather difficult. Screen repair also requires a lot of effort, especially in the fight against glue.