New scenario of telephone fraud in Russia revealed

A new way of deceiving Russian citizens has appeared. With phone calls like this from intruders

several people have already collided. More details - in the material of the user "Habra" @ MagisterLudi.

This time, the scammers have learned to captureattention of the victim and not letting her call back to other people. In this case, at least four people are talking to the victim: two "investigators" and two "employees of the security department of the Central Bank." What is important, they all easily confirm their identities by making calls from official numbers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs website, pretending to be the names of real employees and sending legal documents. At the same time, attackers can call all day from various numbers that are not recognized as dangerous or look like official ones.

When a person picks up the phone, a dialogue occursbetween him and the scammers. During this dialogue, the victim is informed: "A certain citizen who wanted to get a loan in your name, saying that she is your relative and that you are in the hospital, so money is urgently needed." Further, the caller clarifies the state of the person and whether he has a relative. When he replies that he is fine and that he has no such relatives, he is offered to “secure the funds” and “cancel lending” as soon as possible.

The victim is asked to withdraw money from their account andtransfer them for some time to the account of the Central Bank. The attackers promise that the money will be returned in a day. Further, they warn that it is forbidden to talk about this to anyone, since there is a "secret of the investigation" (after that, the fraudsters refer to a number of articles of the Criminal Code). Finally, the person is connected with a supposedly representative of the security department of the Central Bank, who reports that it is necessary to return all the money from the personal account to the account of the Central Bank, since they are temporarily "marked" and cannot be paid with them. As a result, the victim transfers everything to this "safe" account.

At the same time, scammers ask to transfer everything throughapplication. That is, directly in it, bind cards, transfer funds to them, and then delete these cards. After completing this operation, false investigators call and ask to describe the "employees" of the Central Bank.

The last stage is “canceling lending”. For this, the victim takes a loan from the MTS Bank for 150 thousand rubles in order to allegedly "interrupt" the application for a loan of this "citizen-relative".

The author notes that according to this scheme, many of his acquaintances at the age of 25-35 have already been deceived.

Source: Habr