New season of Fortnite brings Spider-Gwen and sticky chrome to the game

Today launches Chapter 3: Season 4 titled “Paradise” in Fortnite and the biggest change this time around is

a mysterious substance called chromium.It has the ability to change the properties of everything it's on: you can spray it on walls to get through them, or spray it on yourself to temporarily protect yourself from fire and run faster.

Other novelties of the season include newlocations like the floating candominium and other buildings that were contaminated with chromium. Increased damage for sniper rifle. There will also be keys scattered throughout the island that will give players access to valuable loot.

New season it means a bunch of new characters andthe main one this time is Spider Gwen. Players who immediately purchase the full Battle Pass will receive a Paradigm account for it. Other additions include a hipster cat, a weird bear, a werewolf and another very cool anime skin.