New Sensitive Test Detects Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in 10 Minutes

Since the symptoms of COVID-19 are not the same in all patients, they range from mild to severe, and in some

there are no people at all, at some pointthe actual number of cases greatly exceeds the number of officially confirmed cases. The main problem in identifying patients without symptoms is the lack of quick and cheap tests that would test most of the population for COVID-19.

A new test, developed by scientists, allows you to determine the presence of antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which are produced during infection, within 10 minutes.

The test is created by a technique calledside-stream immunoassay (LFA) - a home pregnancy test works similarly. It involves attaching a protein to a specific area on a strip of nitrocellulose. Biological fluid flows down the inner surface of the test, and any antibodies against the viral protein bind to the area on the strip.

During development testing, scientists checkedher on a group of 12 patients, seven of which previous tests showed a positive result. The test was successful - a new test showed the presence of antibodies to a new type of coronavirus in all patients whose previous test gave a positive result.

According to the researchers, immunoassay may beuseful for confirming negative diagnoses, monitoring patient’s recovery and identifying recovered people with high antibody levels as potential plasma donors.

Previously, scientists found that a new type of coronavirus can remain deep in the lungs of those who have recovered. Such a residual infection cannot be detected by routine tests.