New small radar for scanning space is half the price of analogs

The new radar has an active phased array (AFAR) that can be used to scan

space with greater frequency and look for aerial objects.

Radars change the phases of the signals emitted by the transceiver modules and create a strong directional beam. This type of radar with AFAR has no moving parts, therefore it is either easier to operate.

The new radar will cost about halfcheaper and weigh three times less than analogues. Its weight is 59 kg, length is about 71 cm, width is 37 cm. It can be used to operate on small planes or inexpensive drones that can be used one-time.

As the developers said, the radar will have the bestcharacteristics compared to those currently on F-16 fighters. Its transistor will be made of gallium nitride, not gallium arsenide as usual.

This configuration will help you scan space and use less energy.

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