New Solar Trucks Will Cool Food With Green Energy

Battery and battery provider XL Fleet has solar powered truck refrigerators

panels. They will reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, keeping 1000 food trailers cold.

For transporting food tosupermarkets use diesel fuel. They typically burn 3.7 liters of fuel every hour, emitting about 22 liters of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. XL Fleet's mission is to help corporations and their fleets reduce operating costs while helping them achieve green goals.

July 2021 was the hottest month on record

About 50,000 new diesel trailers are sold annually in the US, and XL Fleet's partnership with eNow will accelerate the development of an all-electric solution.

XL Fleet and eNow also collaborate ondesign and development of a system that will integrate a lithium-ion battery and power electronics technology. It will be installed under the floor on class 8 trailers - they can work for about 12 hours without charging.

Solar panels installed on the roof of the trailer,will be used to charge batteries and power systems when idling or while loading and unloading a trailer. The system will be thermally controlled to ensure year-round operation throughout North America.

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