New Telegram Feature Protects Hong Kong Protesters

The security update will hide the phone numbers of users who participate in group

chats related to protests. Thus, the authorities will not be able to access the personal data of the participants.

What is the update for?

The update is aimed at activists around the world. Protesters in Hong Kong use the next meeting venue app, and they share access codes for buildings where shelter can be found.

After the protests began, Pavel Durov announced thatthat the Telegram network was subjected to a DDoS attack; Most of the participating IPs were from China. Power structures joined group chats and received personal information about their owner using the activist’s phone number.

What changed?

Now the application will have a shutdown functionSync account name and phone number. Due to the new system, it will be more difficult for protesters to find each other in the application, but it will also allow them to avoid detection by special services.