New tools in Photoshop and Premiere, implemented using AI

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2020 are available for purchase now, and both are loaded with features implemented through mechanisms

Simplified versions of the company's flagship products help beginners edit high-quality photos and videos.

What's new?

Regular versions of Photoshop and Premiere are made forprofessionals, and to understand them to the ordinary user is often an impossible task. The “Elements” version allows you to go straight to the goal and avoid all these scary menus and hot keys, and they are also bought only once, unlike the full package, which is distributed by monthly subscription.

Now just press one button toSelect an object or person to insert it into another photo. Previously, this process took longer and was much more complicated. Now even skin problems can be hidden with one click, it is enough to turn to artificial intelligence - Sensei. There is a slider that controls the strength of the effect, which allows you to balance between the lack of results and the so-called “plastic face”, when all the skin is the same color. Now you don’t even need to use a “patch”, which is unclear how to behave.

Photoshop Elements 2020 can do it yourselfcolorize photos using one or another palette in the picture. Also a new feature is the automatic removal of grain and noise in the image. However, Sensei has one more interesting function: it can independently put tags on the video, which allows you to quickly find the desired file in directories. For more convenient development of new functions, five new lessons have been introduced into the application to help beginners.

How much?

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 2020 cost $ 99.99 separately and $ 149.99 for the purchase of the entire software package.