New traffic police devices make an instant test for alcohol and drugs

This is not a breathalyzer - it is a means of indication, it is an opportunity to establish the use of not only alcohol

drinks, but also the consumption of drugs.

Mmikhail Chernikov, Head of the Main Traffic Safety Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The new identifier will allow employees to determine in a matter of seconds whether the driver has consumed alcohol, drugs or psychotropic drugs.

It will be possible to check the presence of alcohol and drugs in the body not only by exhaled air, but also by saliva. The average time for issuing a result is 15 seconds.

This will allow the inspector to “isolate those who have used from the traffic flow” and send them for a medical examination. It is not specified when new devices will be available to employees.

Earlier it was reported that drivers involved in drunk driving, who did not have a license, would not be allowed to take exams for a year.

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