New updates DJI Enterprise - anyone can become a developer!

This is my first post on the Gagadget techno blog, and I am sure that reviews and updates will be published regularly.

Unmanned technology, new drones, services and market reviews are all that I personally am interested in writing about.
Now we will talk about what is happening in the market of professional solutions and what strategy the largest manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles, for example DJI, have chosen for themselves.

Recently (March 28) updates were presented.DJI Enterprise drone industrial use ecosystems. The updates concerned not only the new suspension equipment, but also the new SDK Payload developer environment, the new product DJI SKYPORT, and the new concept for the development of industrial equipment from DJI Enterprise.

In general, DJI changes its approach to working with the market,especially in industrial segments. The company has long ceased to be simply a manufacturer of drones - a trendsetter on drones at the global level. And sometimes, it is more profitable not to compete with all the markets, but to head it. Create an ecosystem

Examples are in other areas, the same operatingMobile device systems are ecosystems of various software products, facilitating access to consumers. We see the same in drones.
Core values ​​of a new ecosystemDJI Enterprise's industrial use of drones is performance, availability, and flexibility in application; it is these values ​​in the DJI vision that allow the maximum distribution of technology. The zone of influence of DJI in the framework of a new unmanned market lies not only in the creation of unmanned vehicles, but also in expanding the capabilities of system integrators, software developers, authors of UAV operating rules, and commercial pilots.

The ecosystem of the entire unmanned industry consists ofunmanned platforms, sensors and outboard equipment, software products, personnel training processes, operation support centers and system integrators. In each of these areas, DJI Enterprise voiced the main stakeholders and partners.

Let's go back to the updates.

In the fire department of Menlo Park,East Palo Alto and San Mateo County, a presentation of the new equipment of the industrial unit DJI Enterprise, the leading manufacturer of unmanned technology in the world, the company DJI.

New products

Zenmuse XT2

Zenmuse XT2 - new thermal imaging equipment,built on the basis of the FLIR DUO PRO module, presented by FLIR Corporation in September 2017. The module provides the possibility of obtaining simultaneously the thermal imaging image and the visual spectrum, which allows to increase the efficiency of remote inspection and non-destructive monitoring due to more accurate identification of problem elements and the possibility of visual recognition of thermal anomalies. The module has a 12 megapixel visual matrix, as well as a thermal imaging unit in 2 variations with a resolution of 336 or 640 pixels. The modules are also available in radiometric versions for pixel-by-pixel analysis of the thermal imaging data obtained. Thermal imaging modules are equipped with a choice of 9, 13, 19 and 25 mm. In Ukraine, only 9 hertz version of thermal imaging equipment is available for order.

Thermal imaging unit control with doubleThe video stream will only be available in the DJI Pilot for Android application, which is designed to control Matrice 200 series industrial drones, as well as the DJI XT Pro application for iOS. Management capability announced for implementation in April.

New intelligent viewing modes "picturein the picture ”, as well as FLIR MSX, allow you to combine data obtained from visual sensors and thermal imaging modules, to form more clear textures of thermal signatures.

New thermal imaging modules are compatible withMatrice 200, Matrice 210, Matrice 210 RTK industrial platforms and Matrice 600 PRO. The equipment is not intended for use on Inspire 2 platforms. In Ukraine, the official importers of DJI industrial equipment are Smart Trading, as well as DroneUA, a distribution center for unmanned technology.

The cost of equipment is specified upon request and you can contact the specialists of DroneUA to clarify the timing of the order and availability of equipment in Ukraine.


SLANTRANGE 3PX - multispectral camera,designed specifically for Matrice 200-210 series platforms by SLANTRANGE. The multispectral unit is equipped with an inflight calibration module that allows you to record the light data in the course of work. Direct connection through the port of the outboard equipment allows you to display the process of shooting directly in flight. It also allows you to change the camera settings using the DroneDeploy or SLANTRANGE programs during the flight in a single window.


SENTERA AGX710 - multispectral camera,specially designed for Matrice 200-210 series platforms by SENTERA. Unlike the SLANTRANGE cameras, the SENTERA is supplied with a gyrostabilization unit. The module is equipped with 2 12.3MP multi-spectral units The module is compatible with FieldAgent ™ software products. Direct connection through the port of the outboard equipment allows you to display the process of shooting directly in flight.

The SENTERA AGX710 package is available in the following formats:

RGB + NDVI | NDVI: Red (625nm), NIR (850nm)
RGB + NDRE | NDRE: Red Edge (720nm), NIR (840nm)
Multispectral | Blue (446nm), Green (548nm), Red (650nm), Red Edge (720nm), NIR (840nm)

DJI Payload SDK

DJI Payload SDK is a development environment that allowscreate software solutions using both DJI stock equipment and new third-party hardware modules. Industry SENTERA AGX710 and SLANTRANGE 3PX modules became the first, but not the only, Payload SDK products.

You can apply for access to the DJI Payload SDK development environment. here.


DJI SKYPORT - revolution in the market of suspendedequipment. The module provides the ability to integrate third-party hardware modules into the hangers on platforms of the Matrice 200-210 series. Together with the DJI Payload SDK, third-party developers have the opportunity to create specialized suspension equipment, such as spotlights, speakers, thermal or multispectral units, as well as gas analyzers and any other equipment. The ability to receive onboard power as well as control signal and image transmission using OcuSync technology reduces costs in new equipment, and makes it easier for existing DJI Enterprise industrial platform users to integrate

Now we will try to answer the question thatworried developers in Ukraine - what do you need to start working with new programs and how to start creating new equipment for customers all over the world?

What platforms does the DJI Payload SDK work with?

Developers who use Payload SDKcan develop the suspended equipment only for platforms of the Matrice 200-210 series. Other platforms are not supported. The direction of DJI's industrial solutions is not limited to the Matrice series, the Wind series is also developing, so we may soon see support for these devices, but there is no official information yet.

Who can be the developer of DJI suspension equipment?

Registered public companiesorganizations and research institutes can freely join the development program. Individuals can not become developers Payload SDK (unite in teams and companies)

How much is participation in the program?

The first thing worth noting is not free. The ability to work with industrial solutions costs money, participation in the program costs 10,000 dollars a year as payment for developer license and thisincludes the development of only one product line. Each subsequent product will cost an additional $ 5,000 per year. Now you can become among the developers of suspension equipment on loyal terms, where the first payment is reduced from 10 to 5 thousand USD, you can use this opportunity until October 31, 2018

What do you get in return?

For a license fee, you get 3 sets of developer boards and DJI SKYPORT adapters, along with documentation and technical support.
IMPORTANT - you cannot sell your DJI SKYPORTdevices that are designed for development. Before you start selling your equipment, you will need to undergo additional certification of your modules in the DJI. After that, you can receive DJI SKYPORT for your devices without restrictions, but for a fee that is individually calculated for each applicant, depending on the type and cost of the devices being developed.

DJI does not support the use of its systems to develop weapons or equipment that is designed to deal physical or other damage.

It turned out longrid and a lot of technical information, but in Ukraine there are many engineers and companies who definitely want to be part of a global network of developers for DJI.

You can get advice on available industrial equipment here: [email protected], +380934575757. To obtain wholesale terms of cooperation, you can send a request to [email protected] or [email protected]
Information is also available on the DJI website. Contact the importer of industrial solutions in the “Where to buy” section on the Enterprise tab - the country of Ukraine.