New USB Type-C 2.1 standard introduced: power increase from 100 to 240 W without adapters

The non-profit organization USB-IF has unveiled the new USB Type-C standard version 2.1.

What changed

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USB-C Power Delivery implies the abilitytransmitting power up to 100W, then USB Type-C 2.1 increases the transmitted power up to 240W. In this case, only one wire is required - no additional adapters.

Using a USB cable, you can connectsmartphone, tablet, monitor and even gaming laptops. Although, of course, for the most powerful devices (for example, gaming computers and the latest Sony and Microsoft game consoles) you will still need an adapter.

The new wires will be labeled EPR (Extended Power Range) and will support amperage up to 5 amps and voltages up to 50 volts.

Source: USB-IF

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