Newly minted Tesla car owners staged protests in China due to a sharp drop in the cost of cars

The day before, we wrote that Tesla again reduced the cost of electric vehicles Model 3 and Model Y of Chinese assembly. Some

equipment since September have fallen in price by almost a quarter. This led to protests from Chinese car owners.

What is known

Buyers are upset that the American company has sharply reduced the cost of cars. Chinese owners gathered in Tesla China showrooms as They think they overpaid for their cars.

Most recently, the cost of Model Y and Model 3Chinese assembly fell by 6-13.5%. Thus, since September 2022, cars have already fallen in price by 13-24%, and the most affordable Model 3 equipment costs less than $34,000. doesn't really care.

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The police organized a meeting between the protestersand representatives of Tesla China. The car owners made several demands to the company, including compensation. The Chinese division of Tesla should give an answer by next Tuesday.

However, compensation will definitely not be discussed. This was stated by a representative of Tesla China in a conversation with a correspondent of the Reuters news agency.