Next-Gen Microexpression Database with Increased Confidence

Scientists have created about 80 hours of video with 8,000,000 frames. They contain 1,109 manually labeled microexpressions and 3,490

macro expressions.

As important non-verbal cuesMicro-expressions of communication can reveal a person's true emotional state. Now their analysis is attracting the attention of experts in connection with the development of deep learning methods. However, research in both psychology and artificial intelligence has been limited to a small sample of microexpressions.

Data size is vital tothe use of artificial intelligence to conduct microexpression analysis, and the large sample size allows for effective validation of the microexpression analysis method, avoiding database bias, the scientists note.

One of the advantages of the new base is its highauthenticity. During the discovery process, the researchers optimized the data collection environment to be as close to reality as possible, with participants participating in a mock crime and interrogation. As part of this process, video, voice, and physiological signals were recorded using a VCR and wearable devices, including electrocutaneous activity, heart rate/pulse at the fingertips, respiration, and pulse.

The experiment showed that subjects in scenarios with"high stakes" scenarios (eg, committing a crime) skip more microexpressions than in "low stakes" scenarios (eg, innocence). In this way, high-fidelity patterns provide the basis for robust real-world micro-expression analysis and emotion understanding.

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