NFC is not needed: in the Chinese subway test payment "face"

Shenzhen Subway Installed Experimental Turnstile With Recognition System

Huawei was a partner of the project.

How it works?

You do not need to get to pay for travel.contactless card or scan QR codes. Using the camera service identifies the passenger. The funds are debited from the linked account, in which you first need to save information about the person and add the desired payment method. The facial recognition system in Chinese KFC terminals, which has been tested since 2017, works in a similar way.

The turnstile of the new format is at the station.Futian in the zone "5G + AI", launched in conjunction with Huawei. Here, the Chinese giant also demonstrated a patrol robot, a technology for analyzing passenger traffic and an inspection system for subway tunnels using drones.

Sources: South China Morning Post, Huawei