Nike self-lacing sneakers will be driven by Apple Watch and Siri

The new Adapt Huarache will feature FitAdapt technology, which "will update and evolve with


What can?

The electric lacing mechanism will notAnalyze your style of walking or running and adapt to it. Instead, it will be much more convenient than previous versions of Adapt. Nike Adapt BB will include control from a smartphone and even Apple Watch and Siri, which will greatly accelerate the change in tightness of the laces.

The technology will even be able to save profiles by relaxing the lacing while resting or by pulling for long runs.

Why and when?

Sneakers will go on sale from September 13th togray and yellow colors. We have not yet talked about the price, but the previous model was launched in January 2019 at a price of $ 350, so the price of new sneakers will be somewhere at this level.