Nintendo is losing exclusives: the masterpiece Octopath Traveler will be released on PC

In early March, Square Enix announced a prequel, Octopath Traveler, which will be released on Android and iOS. To get acquainted

With the universe currently in play, gamers will have to buy a Nintendo Switch, but that could change soon.

What is known

According to Gematsu, the South Korean agethe organization registered Octopath Traveler for PC, giving the game an age rating. The game will be published by Bandai Namco, which has long been publishing Square Enix games in Korea. There is no exact release date or price, but there is a possibility of another scandal.

Octopath Traveler is created on the Unreal Engine4, which is owned by Epic Games. When publishing a game on Steam, developers will have to pay 20% for hosting the game and 5% for “epics” who share the engine. If Bandai Namco releases the PC version of Octopath Traveler on the Epic Games Store, it will be able to save money.