Nioh 2 ratings for PlayStation 4: Dark Souls with the samurai we deserve

There was only one day left until the official release of Nioh 2 on the PlayStation 4, but journalists already managed to play a new creation

Koei Tecmo and share your impressions.

What is known

Nioh 2 will again throw players into the ancient andmysterious Japan, but this time gamers will be able to visit the Dark Kingdom. The main character learned to use the demonic power of Yokai, which gives him new powerful attacks.

After 45 critical reviews, Nioh 2 is rated atMetacritic rose to 86 points. The Wccftech journalist set the project 96 points, as the developers finalized the good sides of the original game and got rid of some problems. In addition, Koei Tecmo refreshed the combat system by adding new mechanics.

“Nioh 2 builds on the successes and failures of its predecessor and offers new tools for battles as a half-yokai,” Wccftech.

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Push Square rated the Nioh 2 at 80 points. The journalist also wrote down the advantages of innovations in the combat system, but he scolded the project for the leveling tree, plot and problems with balance. Nevertheless, the author recommended the game to fans of Dark Souls and similar projects.

“Despite the weak skill tree that is forgottennarration and minor issues with balance, Team Ninja combined the best gameplay elements in the game. This is a worthwhile walkthrough for those who consider themselves a fan of the original or From Software creations, ”- Push Square.

Nioh 2 ratings:

  • Wccftech - 96
  • PlayStation Universe - 95
  • IGN - 90
  • TheSixthAxis - 90
  • GamesRadar + - 90
  • God is a Geek - 90
  • Game Informer - 85
  • Push Square - 80
  • Hardcore Gamer - 80

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