Nissan showed the concepts of gaming chairs with integrated audio system and USB-connector

Nissan teamed up with FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming to develop three gaming seats in the style of car seats.

What is known

GT-R Nismo - a sports car-shaped seat withcarbon frame, Nismo leather. Its feature is an integrated audio system in the headrest. Armada, made in the style of a chair of the Nissan car of the same name, has the functions of heating and cooling. Perfect for both cold winters and hot summers. The Leaf chair simulates an electric car seat and is made from environmentally friendly materials. Equipped with a USB port for charging and footrest.

While Nissan does not plan to produce these seats, the company wants to understand how much they will be in demand. According to a survey on Twitter, the GT-R chair turned out to be the most attractive model.