NO.1 DT58 Smart Bracelet: Bright Screen and Many Functions for $ 23

The name NO.1, which the Chinese company KKtick came up with for the global market, seems to be bringing success.

The brand's products compete quite successfully insegment of smart bracelets and smart watches with leading manufacturers. Today our hero will be the DT58 smart bracelet model, which the company recently introduced. Looking ahead, I would like to note that an IPS display with a large reserve of brightness, IP68 protection, a cardiovascular and blood pressure sensor for only $23 is a real gift.

Design, ergonomics

The main feature of the body of this model is,Of course, full protection from moisture and dust. That is, these watches are not afraid of water at all, I do not think that an ordinary user will dive deeper than ten meters, but this is how much the device withstands for half an hour. The build quality is appropriate, no gaps, linings and squeaks, the water keeps really, the tests were carried out. However, immediately after bathing, it is better to dry the device, wipe it, and you should not put a bracelet in the sauna, because two aggressive factors can destroy anything at once.

The module (mechanism) is detached from thebracelet, and in the removed state looks funny and somehow too slightly. Probably, because it is very light, only 25 grams with a thickness of 10 millimeters and dimensions of 41x24 millimeters. The screen and the panel of silver are checked as a sensor control unit. Once we press - the display is turned on, the second we press - the transitions in the menu have gone, we hold down for a couple of seconds - the submenu has gone. Actually, the management features end there, there are no physical buttons here. Navigation is as simple as possible, get used to without problems.

On the bottom of the sensors, at the ends of the ears underbracelet. One ear is also sharpened by a USB connection, and there is charging. The strap is 25 centimeters long, the plastic, styled as carbon, matte, does not slip and does not slap. The color scheme includes black and white classics and youth blue. There are enough holes on the belt, everything will be fine on a rather thin handle


The information is displayed on the screen with a diagonal of 1.14 ”, IPS matrix is ​​used. The display is very bright, everything is perfectly visible on a sunny day. Matrix resolution 240x135, maximum viewing angles. The bracelet supports gesture recognition, and turns on the screen with a characteristic turn of the hand, like throwing a watch. After a specified time, the display goes out again.

What is inside and what can

Inside the bracelet processor Nordic NRF52832,performance of which is quite enough for a simple interface and a set of sensors. And the sensors are presented here: Huajing BD1668 heart rate monitor and standard G-sensor.

On the main screen:

  • Indications of daily activity and the percentage of planned achievements;
  • Pulse, blood pressure;
  • Heart rate variability (HRV), in professional instruments, it shows the level of stress;
  • Breathing exercises (breathing patterns for tuning).

Smartphone notifications:

  • Various modes for sports;
  • Indications of an environment (from the current height to weather and level of an ultraviolet);
  • Settings.

Matched bracelet with a smartphone throughHplus applications. This application allows you to customize many additional features and schemes. The autonomy of the bracelet is provided by a 120 mAh battery, the device works on one charge for up to three weeks, if you do not constantly measure the pulse. Otherwise, autonomy falls to a week. Charging time about two hours.

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