No consoles needed: Android 11 R will be released on Android TV and add support for Google Stadia

Google dropped by the Broadcasting Convention, which can be described as CES for the TV industry. The company has arrived

not empty-handed, but a “roadmap” that revealed plans to update the Android TV ecosystem for 2020 and 2021.

What is known

According to the xda-developers source, then AndroidTV will make friends with the cloud gaming service Stadia. At launch, the Google project will support PCs, Pixel smartphones, and Chromecast Ultra. Closer to 2020, the list of devices will expand with new phones, as well as Android TV.

Stadia will look at “smart TVs” togetherwith Android 11 R. It is not known exactly when users will see the updated operating system, but the release should be expected in 2020. It is also unclear why Google is waiting for the release of Android 11 to add support for Stadia on Android TV, because on the same smartphones the service will appear as a separate application already on Android 10. Perhaps the company wants to make the cloud service part of the system, improving response and overall performance. and for this Android TV needs major changes.