They will manage without Kojima: Konami remembered Silent Hill, giving hope for the revival of the series

Konami has filed an application to register the Silent Hill trademark with the Canadian Office of the Intellectual Property Office.


Rejoice early

The company's application is a banal extensionregistration, but fans have a couple of reasons to be excited. The Silent Hill series has gone quiet (ha ha) in the last five years. After Hideo Kojima left, Konami canceled the new part, and the “demo” P.T disappeared from the PlayStation Store. However, the rights to the series still belong to the Japanese, and the work of the “genius” is unlikely to be deleted.

In Canada, Silent Hill was registered asa video game, and not just another licensed slot machine. In addition, this year the series will turn 20, which could be a reason for the release of a remake or sequel. Over the last two years this has become a tradition, it is worth remembering Crash Team Racing, MediEvil and Resident Evil 2.

Also note that Konami will come to gamescom2019. A company representative will not take the stage for the opening show, but will set up a booth where fans can play PES 2020, Contra and Yu-Gi-Oh!. At the same time, this does not prevent Konami from holding a presentation behind closed doors, as THQ Nordic will do.