No Man's Sky developers will expand multiplayer and give gamers more options

Hello Games continues to revive No Man's Sky and has announced another expansion for the game.

What is known

In 2019, the space simulator will receive an update,which will improve multiplayer. The update is called “Beyond”, and, according to the developers, it will add new social and network elements to the game that will become part of No Man’s Sky Online. The trailer description says that the update will “significantly expand” the multiplayer experience and give gamers new opportunities to meet anywhere in the universe.

Hello Games noted that this is the studio's "most ambitious" update, but No Man's Sky will not turn into an MMO. So players shouldn’t wait for microtransactions and monthly subscriptions to appear.

When to expect

“Beyond” will be released in the summer of 2019 simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The free update will consist of three parts, but the developers decided to release them in one “pack”.

For those who know more:

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