No more hashtags: an alternative topic search will appear on Twitter

Every Twitter user has had to use a hashtag at least once to find other people's posts.

on a specific topic. Now it will be possible to do without it - in the social network there is an opportunity to follow topics.

Principle of operation

With the new update, users will be able to chooseChoose a few topics that interest them, such as sports, music, or video games. After that, tweets from accounts related to the selected options will begin to appear in the stream. Thus, a person will see the information he is interested in without signing up for all accounts. So far, developers have added 300 topics, but in the future they plan to expand the list.

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For users who themselves often writesomething on Twitter, the Topics feature will also be quite useful - more people will see posts. Perhaps this will attract new subscribers.

It is not yet clear how it will workan innovation and whether there will be too many entries in the stream with uninteresting content, which touches on the topic very little. This often happens in other social networks when you just want to scroll through the recommendations or even close the recommendations. If you still get tired of the topic, you can unsubscribe from it at any time in the settings and find new ones there.

Suggestions for topics will begin to appear on November 13 and in the coming months the feature will be available worldwide.