No more surprise mechanics: lootboxes will be removed from the Rocket League

Rocket League's new soccer racing update will remove loot boxes from the game entirely. As reported in the blog

developers, game designers decided to change the approach to obtaining cosmetic items.

What in return

All loot boxes will be replaced with "Blueprints", theydrop after online matches and show potential items the player can craft with credits. And although the factor of chance will still play in obtaining skins (the drawing and credits may “burn out”), the choice of reward will remain up to the player. At the same time, the possibility of exchanging drawings will remain.

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Any “Boxes” that are still ininventories will be automatically converted to “Drawings”. “Keys”, in turn, will be replaced by “Credits” (from 100 to 130), this currency can also be exchanged. For "Decryptors" players will receive gift boxes containing a random item from the Rebirth or Vindicator's Plan set.

Common sense victory

Finally the public pressure is starting to givefruit. Let us remind you that in recent years there has been an active struggle between players and even governments of individual countries against loot boxes. Such mechanics are equated to gambling, and publishers are required to disclose the chances of obtaining items. At this rate, the gaming industry will soon be cured of this cancer, at least until marketers come up with another “surprise mechanic” and the wheel starts spinning again.